About Us

OneMinLearning is a concept created by Greycaps, Asia’s leading knowledge services company. Led by noted Quizmaster Pickbrain, Greycaps has a proven record of igniting human curiosity in a fun and engaging manner.
How does the OneMinLearning app help you?
OneMinLearning app brings to you byte-sized, highly engaging content based on your areas of interest. So, you no longer need to take out time from your busy schedule and slog through lengthy paragraphs. OneMinLearning directly presents crisp, simple content to your mobile device, handpicked to increase your industry awareness.
Your chosen content pieces come with quizzes, which measure your industry awareness quotient, through an in-depth, topic-wise analysis of where you stand in relation to your peers.
The catch? You only need to devote 1 minute of your time to it every day, anytime you want.