About Business Awareness Program

A unique initiative, the Business Awareness Program provides a holistic approach to enhance your industry awareness quotient. It presents crisp, simplified content to your mobile device, handpicked to increase your knowledge of the subject. Ideal for ages 15 - 18, the program covers various topics from areas like finance, business, technology, general awareness, marketing and much more! The program is National Education Policy 2020 compliant.

Increase your knowledge about various companies, latest industry trends, industry leaders, biggest brands, etc. with this program. Content pieces come with quizzes, which measure your awareness quotient, through an in-depth, topic-wise analysis which helps you track, measure and thus improve on, your growth.

How will the program help you?

●    Helps you to be more aware about the business world, giving you a competitive edge

●    Builds conversation ability

●    Boosts confidence

●    Helps you to prepare for the next step of your career journey

●    Helps assimilate the scholastic with co-scholastic supplementation

●    Optimises time spent, each content piece is designed to take up just a minute of your time.

What are the content formats that you will receive?

●    Videos

●    Infographics

●    Content sliders

You can have a look at our sample content here.

Get a fresh piece of content each day and devote only a minute of your time to it, anytime you want. Start now!

Business Awareness Program

(As per NEP2020)

*Inclusive of GST @ 18%